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Our Location 

While our school is still a work in progress, we are lucky to be located on the very premises that it will be built on. We are currently occupying a small part of what will become a much bigger and brighter school, with ample space for us to grow and thrive. Located a stone's throw away from the beautiful Tully Park and in the heart of Cherrywood.  


Tully Park is just one of 4 new parks being developed as part of the Cherrywood SDZ, and we are thrilled to have so many fantastic amenities on our doorestep.

Our New School Building 

Building has commenced on our school and we look forward to seeing it take shape over the next few months.  We are hoping to be in a position to take up residence in this fantastic new building from September 2022.


You can take a look at the plan for the new school building here.


For  more detailed drawings on what the interior of our school will look like, please click on the links below:

Lower Ground Floor

Ground Floor

First Floor

Tully School.jpg

Our Community

Cherrywood 1.png

We are right in the middle of all the excitement in Cherrywood as the community around us is growing. Between the Residential, Retail and Parks, the community is thriving.  

We will be lucky enough to be surrounded by four parks within the Cherrywood community. One of which, Tully Park, is right at the doorstep of the school. 

Other parks developed in the areas will be:

  • Ticknick Park

  • Beckett Park

  • Lehaunstown Park

Further information on the Cherrywood Development can be found below:

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