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About Cherrywood Educate Together National School

Welcome to Cherrywood ETNS, the newest addition to the rapidly growing community of Cherrywood.  It is a great honour to be able to open a school in these wonderful surroundings right beside such a lovely park.  The Tully area of Cherrywood provides a rich natural and historical environment, and we intend to immerse ourselves in this environment in providing for the children of this school.  The outdoors provides great opportunities for learning.

Over the next couple of years, we are going to see massive changes in this area as the community grows around us and we will have a very big role in the defining and developing of it.  We see our school as being at the centre of this community. For my entire teaching career, I have been passionate about developing a sense of community and a positive learning environment for everyone in my care.

As a school we are committed to providing a child centred, co-educational, equality based and democratic education to all of the children who attend this school, in line with the core values of Educate Together.  Parents and other members of the community will be an integral part of this. 

I am very excited with the adventure ahead of us as we strive to build this school as a centre of excellence.

Joe Lennon

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